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NaturAloe Aloe Vera Juice

NaturAloe Aloe Vera Juice - 500 ml


Aloe Vera Juice with NaturaLoé pulp is extracted from fresh leaves, harvested manually in plantations located in Spain, in a Natura 2000 area, and protected from any source of pollution.


It is obtained according to an artisanal process by cold pressing fresh mucilage, without any heat or other treatment, which can alter the quality of fresh Aloe. Thus, it is raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered to preserve all the active ingredients in Aloe Vera.


This gives it a unique taste, texture, and richness in active ingredients that other aloe vera juices cannot match.


Anti-UV smoked glass bottles protect and ensure optimal preservation and freshness.


Ingredients: 99% organic, unpasteurized aloe vera juice, 1% organic lemon juice


It is biodynamically grown and produced in the Andalusian region of Spain.


Ethically sourced and produced.
Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable


Do not use aloe vera if you have a latex allergy.

Not eligible for international shipping.

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