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Seleno Health Organic Concentrated Pure Black Maca (10:1) Extract is 10x more potent than raw maca, has a softer flavor, is more bio-available, is easier to consume, and is packed with macamides.


Black Maca is the rarest form of maca that constitutes only 10% of the entire harvest.


It is ideal for those who want the benefits of maca in a concentrated and potent formula.


Traditionally in Peru, maca is either boiled in water (activated maca) or macerated (soaked) and extracted in plant-based alcohols (concentrated maca) to create more concentrated forms for specific health benefits.


Our concentrated maca replicates this ancient method, in which we macerate our maca to extract the pure bioactive components, then filter and concentrated before spray-drying it into a potent concentrated powder - ready for dilution. For every 10kg of fresh maca, we only produce 400g of this specialized concentrated maca extract. Our concentrated maca powder comes in pure, sacred colors – red maca or black maca, each with unique health benefits. It is very different in taste, texture, properties, and benefits compared to our other activated maca powders due to its potency, bioavailability, and rapid mode of action


It can be consumed hot or cold, as a tea or additive to smoothies, cereals, juices, or in water. 


Check our blog, It's time for a more ethical maca, to learn about what makes this maca soo much different than other maca products.


Also, check out our Maca Center, to learn about all things maca.


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

Seleno Health Concentrated Black Maca Extract - 65 grams

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