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Moss Nutrition Probiotic Select® provides a highly potent combination of researched probiotic microorganisms to help support a healthy balance of GI microflora and help benefit digestive and immune health. It contains 12 strains of researched microorganisms and provides 25+ billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per capsule.


Probiotic Select® is formulated to be shelf stable at room temperature. Product stability is enhanced via the use of targeted release capsules and advanced packaging technology featuring our unique, desiccant-lined Activ-Polymer® bottle-a specialized plastic bottle that is impermeable to both oxygen and moisture. Probiotic Select® does not require refrigeration under normal ambient conditions, a unique advantage over the vast majority of quality probiotic supplements available today.


The twelve species and strains of live organisms in Probiotic Select® have been researched to meet all three basic criteria required for a probiotic supplement to confer benefits. These criteria are: 1) to be viable at the time of ingestion, 2) to resist the actions of stomach acid and bile to survive passage through the upper GI tract, and 3) to be capable of adhering to and colonizing cells lining the large intestine. With these requirements achieved, support for digestive health and immune health can follow.


Probiotic Select® contains eight different Lactobacilli, a beneficial type of probiotic organism commonly found in fermented and cultured foods. These microbes produce compounds such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide-natural antagonists to pathogenic bacteria, yeast, and viruses. Probiotic Select® also features three types of Bifidum bacteria (found naturally in breast milk) which are well-known to support a healthy inflammatory and immune response. Finally, we include S. thermophilus, which has a long history of human consumption and has been researched to help support healthy immune regulation.


A synergistic, synbiotic blend of natural inulin and guar fiber is incorporated into the high potency, multi-strain probiotic blend in this product. Inulin and guar are prebiotic substances that provide food for the live organisms in Probiotic Select® and are intended to help promote robust probiotic activity following delivery to the lower intestinal tract.


Probiotic Select® contains no dairy, gluten, or genetically modified organisms and has been rigorously tested to ensure purity and potency.

Moss Nutrition Probiotic Select - 60 caps

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