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Seleno Health Ceremonial Cacao Starter Pack

Seleno Health Ceremonial Cacao Starter Pack

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$103.37Sale Price

The Seleno Health Ceremonial Cacao Starter Pack is the perfect bundle for anyone looking to connect with themselves, nature, and their higher self through a traditional cacao ceremony. This pack includes all the necessary items to create a memorable and heart-opening experience at home.


This bundle includes:


1 x Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste (500g): this rare cacao paste is crafted from indigenous ancestral cacao in Peru. Uturunku is a calming and embodied cacao, perfect for ceremonies involving embodiment, sound, meditation, connection, awakening, and daily rituals for feeling present and connected, supporting mental health, clarity, guidance, and mind-body-spirit balance.


1 x 15cm Molinillo (Cacao Whisk): made with sustainable Alder tree wood and decorated through the rubbing of pine wood, this artisanal wooden stirrer is a product of five generations of practice and knowledge from our Mexican family friends. It emulsifies the fat in the cacao to create a creamy drink while also allowing for the infusion of your heart's intention during ceremonies.


1 x Uturunku Ceremonial Cacao Cup: made from sustainably sourced bamboo, this 250mL cup is the perfect vessel for your ceremonial cacao elixirs. It is durable, lightweight, and biodegradable, making it a sustainable choice for your daily ritual.


Let our bundle guide you on a journey towards inner peace, clarity, and balance. Perfect for both beginners and experienced practitioners, our pack is a must-have for anyone looking to incorporate the powerful and sacred ritual of cacao ceremonies into their daily lives.

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