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Bringing together the ancient power plants of Cacao and Blue Lotus for a sensual ritual to connect with our self.

Both Cacao and Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) can be traced back for over 7000 years to use in ceremonies of ancient civilizations. In Ancient Egypt, Blue Lotus grew on the Nile and was harvested to make a mystical wine/elixir, as depicted in carvings, sculptures, and paintings.

Blue Lotus is a sacred, etheric, and high-vibration flower that embodies the purest consciousness, lifting us up and connecting us to the divine. This lotus was associated with rebirth, spiritual enlightenment, and the eternal cycle of life and death - a message that we also receive from our study and exploration of Cacao 


Uturunku Cacao is a rare Ceremonial Cacao paste crafted from indigenous ancestral Cacao in Peru. Uturunku honors the Chavín de Huántar ceremonial temple that represents the jaguar and the world of the Kay Pacha - the here and now. It is a calming and embodied cacao that takes us inwards to connect deeply with our higher self and tunes us into the frequency of the natural world.

Make time, and set your space with candles, incense, and your sacred items. Try frankincense, myrrh, and musk to connect with the Egyptian essence!

We like to create the Blue Lotus Cacao by first infusing 1 cup water with one blue lotus flower (increase as needed). Next, add 3-4 tbsp of Cacao paste or 8-10 drops and mix. 
We love to combine our Uturunku Cacao with Blue Lotus for a deep meditative experience. You can add additional flavorings and sweeteners such as cinnamon, vanilla, and coconut sugar as needed. There is also the option to prepare with milk for a creamier Cacao.

Seleno Health Uturunku Cacao and Blue Lotus Pack

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