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Moss Nutrition Slippery Elm Select

Moss Nutrition Slippery Elm Select - 5.8 oz


Moss Nutrition Slippery Elm Select provides a unique blend of organic Slippery Elm bark powder and a superior quality Boswellia extract standardized to contain 65% boswellic acids.


Moss Nutrition Slippery Elm Select is a pleasant-tasting powder that typically is taken by mixing half a tablespoon into 8 ounces of warm or cool water and consumed between meals, i.e. at least half an hour before or after eating, two times per day.


Slippery Elm is native to the entire eastern half of North America and has a long history of traditional use in Native American and Appalachian herbalism.


In addition to mucilaginous compounds, Slippery Elm bark powder contains non-fermentable insoluble fibers and prebiotic soluble fibers which may help it to act as a bulking agent, promoting healthy bowel habits.


Boswellia is the second ingredient in Moss Nutrition Slippery Elm Select. Boswellia is classified as an oleo-gum resin, or resinous plant extract. It contains triterpenes (notably alpha-boswellic acids and beta-boswellic acids), essential oils, and polysaccharides. It is a well-known traditional Ayurvedic remedy.


This product is rigorously tested for purity and potency both pre- and post-manufacture and has been independently verified gluten-free.


Proudly Palm Free

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