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Apogee Spirulina is grown using the French Artisan Method of spirulina cultivation in greenhouses on a small New Mexico farm. This French technique learned from one of France’s premier artisanal spirulina farmers, differs in several ways from large-scale commercial spirulina farms.


Our farms are smaller. They range anywhere from 100 square feet to a quarter acre. So if you can picture it, 100 square feet is about the size of a garage “big” enough for a single motorcycle. And a quarter acre would be 11,000 square feet—so a little bigger than what would fit inside a baseball diamond (home plate, first, second, third base, and home plate).


We grow our spirulina in greenhouses. This reduces water evaporation, which is critical in a high desert climate, where an outdoor farm would lose water almost immediately.


Growing our spirulina in greenhouses also allows us to keep the spirulina at a constant high temperature during cold desert evenings. This gives us an optimum growth rate during the hotter summer months.


The other key factor about greenhouse-raised spirulina is that it keeps the spirulina culture pure and uncontaminated. Having been raised inside a greenhouse means that Apogee spirulina will be free of dust and other contaminants that typically compromise outdoor spirulina farms—and some of those other contaminants on outdoor farms can also include herbicides and pesticides. Apogee spirulina is 100% pesticide and herbicide free.


We also harvest on an almost daily basis, and our spirulina is slow-dried in our solar oven. This process gives Apogee spirulina the highest nutritional levels possible.


Once it’s harvested, Apogee spirulina is then pressed into what we like to call “spaghettis”—coiled strings of spirulina that gives the algae a larger surface area.


This larger surface area means that the spirulina has a minimal nutritional loss, making for a higher quality product.


During the peak season of harvesting, we’re out there five days a week. On the weekends, though, we let the ponds rest, in order for them to rejuvenate. This is also key to keeping the spirulina fresh and nutrient-rich.


Our growing season typically runs from April to October, with the peak harvesting months coming during the hottest months of the summer (July and August).


Harvesting takes place when the spirulina has reached the highest nutritional value, which occurs as the sun rises over the ponds in the early morning.


The dried spirulina will never overpower your smoothie, compared to powder ones from large spirulina farms. Apogee Spirulina is cultivated with passion and is never harvested before its time.


This method of producing spirulina produces a more nutrient-dense material, with higher levels of carotenoids and the beneficial fatty acid GLA.


Give your body the deep green nutrition it deserves. 


Refrigerate after opening.


Ethically sourced and produced.
Proudly Palm Free
100% Traceable

Apogee Spirulina Sprinkles - 3.53 oz

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