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Forager's Kingdom Turkey Tail

Forager's Kingdom Turkey Tail Extract - 1.69 oz


Forager's Kingdom Turkey Tail (Coriolus) Extract is dual-extracted from wildcrafted mushrooms to ensure the product contains a full spectrum of water-soluble PSP and alcohol-soluble PSK.


As one of the most studied medicinal mushrooms, Turkey Tail  (coriolus) has been
proven time and again to build health due to it's unique polysaccharides known as PSP and PSK,
that work in conjunction to support a healthy immune response, as well as healthy liver and kidney function.


Forager's Kingdom creates potent extracts from mushrooms and herbs foraged in the ancient Appalachians, which are among the oldest mountains on earth. 


All of their extracts are wildcrafted, which means they are created from wild mushrooms and herbs. Wild foods create the highest quality extracts because they are more nutritionally dense than their cultivated counterparts. 


Their extracts are 100% wildcrafted, containing no grains or fillers. Dual extraction in both alcohol and hot water ensures the highest potency, and they use only natural spring water and domestically sourced organic alcohol from The Organic Alcohol Company. 


For every bottle purchased a tree is planted as part of the one tree planted foundation!!!!


To learn more about mushrooms, check out our blog, Mushroom Supplements 101.


Key Points:


  • Wild harvested
  • Grown on wood
  • Dual extracted
  • Traceable to the source
  • No mycelium
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Third-party tested, using the correct methods.


Ethically wildcrafted in the United States

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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