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Moss Nutrition Vitamin D3 2000 comes in a small easy to swallow capsule 


Capsules are manufactured with pure L-leucine rather than the more commonly encountered vegetable or magnesium stearate lubricants, which are typically made from hydrogenated palm or cottonseed oil. 


The vitamin D is sourced from Australia and derived from lanolin.


They are also free from common diluents used in vitamin d supplements such as BHT and lactose which are often not listed on the label.


Vitamin D supports:


  • Healthy bones
  • Healthy immune function
  • A Healthy heart
  • Healthy muscles
  • A healthy brain
  • Healthy joints
  • Absorption of calcium
  • Healthy teeth and gums


Unlike most of the known vitamins, which often function as antioxidants or enzyme co-factors, vitamin D functions as a pro-hormone. This means that once it is converted into its bioactive form (25-hydroxy vitamin D, or 25-OHD) vitamin D exerts specific hormone-like effects in the body. The fact that almost every cell in the body has receptor sites for vitamin D may explain the wide range of functions and benefits attributed to this important, fat-soluble nutrient

Moss Nutrition Vitamin D3 2000 - 90 caps

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