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Nutriplex Formulas Whole Food is a whole food supplement for those who have been searching for an all-in-one nourishing, nutrient-rich “multi” supplement. Packed with healthy foods, this formula is ideal for general health.


Nutriplex Whole Food is an essential part of a daily health regimen. 


Chock full of whole-food vitamins and nutrients serves to offset many of the effects of the typical modern diet.


True whole food supplements are made from real whole foods and contain a variety of nutrients that work together. Vitamin pills are isolated nutrients that do not have the same effect when not consumed with other nutrients. Additionally, whole food supplements are more easily absorbed and utilized by the body compared to standard vitamin pills.


Nutriplex Formulas Whole Food contains the following nutrient-rich foods:


Alfalfa Leaf (Stem & Aerial Parts),* Bone Meal,  Carrot Root,* Brown Rice Bran, Sunflower Seed,* Nutritional Yeast, Oat Bran Flour,* Astragalus Root,* Carob Bean,* Acerola Cherry,* Adrenal,”  Liver (Dessicated/Defatted),”  Potato Starch,* Arrowroot,* Beet Root,* Untreated Date Fruit, Icelandic Kelp Fronds,* Kidney,”  Spleen”  and Vanilla Bean.*


Whole Food is considered a “multivitamin, multi-mineral” supplement, but in a live, enzyme-containing FOOD complex form rather than as a group of dead isolates. Many current multivitamin supplements contain lists of isolates (names of vitamins and minerals instead of names of foods), even if they call themselves “natural.” Whole Foods is far superior to these multivitamins! As a food concentrate, Whole Food contains complete vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acid complexes needed by multiple physiological and biochemical functions. 

Nutriplex Formulas Whole Food - 250 Tablets

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