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Yellow maca
maca colors


The colors of maca
Yellow Maca


The right color makes all the difference

The various colors of maca have very different effects. Knowing which one to choose can make all the difference.

Black Maca
Yellow, red, and black maca


Red, yellow, and black maca all have unique properties. Sometimes a single color is best, and other times, a mix of colors is a better choice.

Inside the root, all of the colors look very similar, only the outside is a different color.

Once dried, the only way to really tell the difference is by scientific analysis.

color of maca


All of the colors come from the same seed. It is not possible to just grow a single color.

Phenotype genetics provide a harvest with ratios of approximately 60-70% yellow maca, 20-25% red maca, and 10-15% black maca.


The shamans claim this is not by chance, but more about how ‘she’ (la maca) wants you to consume her.


As such, the three different colors are prepared and taken differently depending on the body’s requirements.

"She wants you to consume yellow maca root every day, so she makes it abundant, this is your food. Red maca root and black maca root are rare and sacred and saved for medicinal use.” – local shaman, Junin Peru.

yellow maca


Yellow Maca is the most abundant of the three colors (60-70%) and is claimed to be the neutral form that should be taken daily and used for long-term balance and resilience to stress.


Scientifically we know that yellow maca has the broadest general array of macamides and other bioactives but in lower concentrations vs red maca or black maca.


Yellow maca is milder than the other colors and is a great general health tonic for men and women of all ages, including children.

red maca


Red Maca is rarer (20-25%) than yellow maca and is thought to be sacred and saved for constitutional imbalances or for more chronic needs.


Red Maca root represents the internal energy of our body, that energy that nourishes, stabilizes, and calms us (it is the feminine side of the maca).


Red maca root takes care of our entire inner being and our feminine energy, it is like a warm and loving hug from your mum.


Our own studies have shown red maca root contains higher levels of bioactives vs yellow maca and black maca. Red maca is ideal for use by men and women for more chronic or acute imbalances.

Black Maca


Black Maca is the rarest form of maca (10-15%) and is thought to be the most sacred and saved for acute constitutional insufficiencies or chronic needs.


Black Maca represents the external energy of our body (it is the male side of the maca), that which strengthens, gives vitality, and gives direction to our organism.


Our own studies have shown black maca root contains higher levels of bioactives than yellow maca but slightly lower than red maca.


Black maca root takes care of our entire external being and our masculine energy, it is like an uplifting and encouraging boost.


Black maca is ideal for use by men and women for more chronic or acute needs, imbalances, athletic, and cognitive functions.

Yellow Maca Powder


The right color can make all the difference, but the full potential of maca can only be realized if it is grown and processed properly.

Maca needs:

Ethical Production

To be grown high in the mountains.

Ninety days of sun-drying at altitude.

Proper processing (gelatinization and activation)

Good Testing

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If you have questions about which color of maca might be right for you, it's easy to schedule a free call with our herbalist and get some answers!

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