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Immunity Fuel whole food probiotics


The pinnacle of probiotics.

It's time for a better probiotic. Immunity fuel combines the ancient practice of fermentation with modern science to deliver a probiotic unlike any other. Feel the difference that live, whole food probiotics can make.

immunity fuel whole food probiotics


Immunity Fuel Whole Food Probiotic

immunity fuel whole food probiotics


Immunity Fuel is a true whole food probiotic. Think fermented food in a capsule.

Fourteen species of good bacteria and yeasts are fermented with organic whole foods to create a unique probiotic that is a big step above all the others.

Check out our blog to learn more about what we looked for when searching for a better probiotic.

good bacteria


It took over eighteen years and 2.5 million dollars to find and develop the unique bacteria, foods, and processes that go into making Immunity Fuel.

Lettuce farm


The bacteria in Immunity Fuel were found on organically grown Australian fruits and vegetables.

These wild bacteria represent a much different approach to probiotics than most probiotics which are usually cultured from fecal matter.

These bacteria naturally occur on the foods used in the fermentation process.

good bacteria


The bacteria and yeasts in Immunity Fuel are their own unique strains, the same ones originally found in those fruits and vegetables over 15 years ago. They are not found in any other probiotic supplements.


Nearly all other probiotic products are produced by just a few suppliers.

Supplement companies just buy these cultures, put them in a pill or a bottle, and slap their label on the bottle. 

Almost none of them actually culture and produce their own bacteria.

It is very rare to have a company that has its own unique bacterial strains.

The largest supplier of these bulk probiotic cultures is Danisco, a subsidiary of the Dupont chemical company.

Dupont, the producer of Teflon, is a company with a horrible track record and has committed a number of horrible acts.

bacterial colony


Bacteria grow in colonies. 

Unfortunately, supplement companies nearly always centrifuge these bacteria apart in order to separate them from the growth medium, their food source.

While this allows them to fit more bacteria in each serving, it significantly weakens them and removes them from their food source.

Because the bacteria are weakened and separated from their food source, the bacteria have to be made dormant in order to give them a chance at survival.

Unlike nearly all probiotics, the bacteria are not centrifuged and left in their colonies.

They are not separated from their food source, which is rich in prebiotics and postbiotics.

This is key because probiotics need proper food in order to survive and grow in our gut. 

This intact and fermented whole food blend is far better than adding a pinch of heavily refined fos or inulin to a capsule of dormant bacteria.



When you eat fermented foods like kimchi or yogurt you are getting billions of active and alive bacteria with their food sources.

Well your probiotic should be the same.

Immunity Fuel bacteria are active and alive, not dormant, happy as a pig in mud in their food source. 

Unfortunately, other probiotics cannot say the same.

Because they have been centrifuged and taken from their food source they are put into a dormant state.

So when you ingest other probiotics you have to just hope the bacteria spring back to an active state.


So do you want the happy and alive probiotic supplement or the cross you fingers and hope they make it probiotic supplement? 

freeze dryer


Since most probiotics have been centrifuged, broken up from their colonies, and taken out of their food source, they enter a weakened state.

In that state they could never survive in a supplement bottle for months or years on end. 

So they get freeze dried.

The freeze drying process puts them into dormant state. 

This can often lead to cell damage and dehydration which can further weaken the bacteria.

There is a better way, but it is not as profitable, so most companies do not want to do it.

After the three week fermentation period the Immunity Fuel fermented whole food blend is slowly solar dried.

The bacteria are left in their active and alive state, with their colonies intact, happily continuing to eat their delicious food.

They actually continue to reproduce and make more colonies while in the bottle, just like yogurt or sauerkraut.

bacteria fighting


Throughout the three-week fermentation process, the bacteria are exposed to a number of environmental stressors such as temperature changes, exposure to various PH's, and much more

These pressures kill off the weak bacteria, allowing only the strong to survive and reproduce.

This ensures that you get active and alive probiotics that can survive the harsh journey to your gut.



It does not matter if your probiotic claims to have 100 billion or 10 billion bacteria if they are not alive and cannot survive the harsh conditions of the gut, or the manufacturing and storage process.

Every lot of Immunity Fuel is third-party tested, to contain a minimum of thirty billion active and alive bacteria per serving, through expiration date, without the need for refrigeration.

While many probiotics claim large amounts of bacteria, how many of these will actually awaken from their dormant state and colonize in the gut, especially since their colonies have been broken up and they have no food?


The tiny spec of fos or inulin added to most probiotics is not the same thing as the smorgasbord of organic whole foods that the bacteria in Immunity Fuel have.



Every company likes to advertise that their probiotic product has prebiotics, the food that the bacteria eat, in it.

Unfortunately, this is mostly marketing.

Throwing a few milligrams of a heavily refined ingredient like fos or inulin is not the same thing as supplying a proper prebiotic blend for the bacteria.

Each serving of Immunity Fuel contains nearly three grams (3000 milligrams) of fermented whole food prebiotics.

Don't settle for probiotics with just a tiny smidge of food, get the probiotic that believes your good bacteria deserves an organic whole food feast.

probiotic foods


Postbiotics are beneficial compounds that are produced when good bacteria break down prebiotic fibers.

Nearly all probiotics are devoid of these beneficial compounds and are hoping that enough of the bacteria they supply survive and make some postbiotics in the gut.

Immunity Fuel provides a better way.

Not only do the active and alive bacteria produce postbiotics in the gut, but the fermented food blend also supplies large amounts of these incredibly beneficial compounds, giving your gut a jumpstart on its road to better health.

immunity fuel whole food probiotics


Finding this incredible probiotic was the end of a long journey for us here at Rooted Nutrition in our search for a probiotic that aligned with our vision.

It represents a better way of doing things, more in tune with nature, and aligns with our belief that whole food nutrition is always the better way.

Immunity Fuel is a true synbiotic. It contains whole food prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics.

So if you are just starting out on your gut health journey or just looking for a better probiotic, Immunity Fuel is what you have been looking for. 

field of grass by a lake

Your body deserves better than isolated probiotics with heavily refined prebiotics. Don't fall for empty promises and fancy marketing. Whole foods are the best way to deliver probiotic bacteria. Immunity Fuel is the whole food symbiotic that delivers on the probiotic promise that so many products fall short of.


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