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Updated: Apr 25

Welcome to the protein powder project part three. If you haven't read parts one and two, we recommend starting there.

Cow talking about whey protein

It was not an easy task to find powders that checked all of the boxes we listed out in part one.

We looked at thousands of products and brands. Simply put, the vast majority were just not very good.

We did find some good ones, but often they would not taste good or miss checking a box or two. We wanted the whole enchilada (yeah, I’m hungry).

Our search took us worldwide, from the United States to Australia.

First up, we found a fantastic plant protein company, Hans Brainfood. This company is based out of Germany, and on their organic farms, in Europe, they grow nearly all of the ingredients that go into their products. They use a variety of seeds (flax, hemp, pumpkin, etc.) in their proteins and utilize a specialized milling process to help them mix more smoothly than other seed proteins. It is an actual whole-food protein powder. No thickeners, gums, or other fillers are added. Also, they are in bags, so it dramatically reduces the amount of plastic, unlike most plant-based protein powders that come in large plastic containers.

They flavor their proteins with whole foods, not flavorings, such as organically grown berries. No sweeteners are added or needed because these clean foods taste great. These certified organic protein powders are the best and purest plant proteins we have ever seen. A genuinely incredible company and a model we hope more companies will follow. Check out the video below to learn more about them.

Next up are the folks at NXGEN WholeFoods, who produce the most incredible bone broth powder. Many products claim to be bone broth powder, but as we explained in part two, most of them are nothing like the bone broth you make at home. It is made from regeneratively farmed, organic, grass-fed beef bones from small family farms in Australia. This bone broth is simmered low and slow, as you would at home, with a bit of organic apple cider vinegar and Murray River salt, then gently freeze-dried and packaged. No heavy processing, no questionable additives, sweeteners, thickeners, or flavorings are used. It’s fantastic for your hair, skin, and nails. Just mix a serving into hot water and enjoy a cup of broth.

NXGEN Bone Broth collagen powder

Last but certainly not least, we found an excellent whey protein company. We cannot tell you how often we get asked for good whey protein. We promise it was worth the wait! Whey protein is considered the gold standard and our favorite protein. It has the best amino acid profile, a perfect PDCAA value, mixes well, tastes great, and has many beneficial compounds, such as immunoglobulins. No other protein really comes close to the benefits that whey protein offers. However (as we went over in part two), most of them are heavily processed, full of questionable ingredients (additives, flavorings, sweeteners), and full of impurities. Because most whey protein is produced by just a few large suppliers that mix milk from many sources together, it is probably the biggest nightmare from a traceability standpoint. Remember, only a tiny handful of companies actually produce their own whey protein, while nearly all of them just private-label bulk powders and tell a good story.

John’s Killer Protein is different. They produce their own grass-fed, cold-filtered, native (made from fresh milk, not cheese-making byproduct) whey protein at their facility in California. They source their milk from a cooperative of small, family farms in the United States. These cows graze on pastures year-round, and the farmers work hard to make sure they are well taken care of. The cows are never given hormones. Their whole team works hard to maintain and build relationships with each farmer, making it easy to trace the origin of each batch of whey protein. The protein is never bleached, acid washed, ion-exchanged, or heavily processed. It is always non-denatured. Plus, it mixes great in just a simple shaker bottle!

They do not use any thickeners, gums, additives, flavorings, or sweeteners, just pure native whey protein, and whole foods. John's is proof that you can make a great-tasting protein powder without all the garbage!

Johns Killer Protein Native Whey Protein

Here are some of the awesome products they make:

  • Grass-Fed Unflavored Native Whey

    • Pure native whey protein that's great for mixing in smoothies when you want to taste whatever ingredients you are putting in. Rich, smooth, and creamy.

  • Dark Cacao and Grass-Fed Native Whey

    • This blend contains native whey protein and organic, direct-trade cacao from a Peruvian farm, a match made in heaven. As chocoholics, this protein is our favorite, perfectly chocolatey!

  • Grass-Fed Native Milk Protein Nighttime Blend

    • A blend of 80% native casein and 20% native whey protein

      • Casein is much slower digesting than whey protein. That makes it great for muscle recovery and sleep. Take it before bed and say goodbye to those sore morning after workout muscles. It’s also a great source of calcium. One serving has 460 milligrams.

We know that no one protein is suitable for everyone. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s:

  1. Traceable

  2. Ethically sourced and produced.

  3. Whole Food

  4. Minimally Processed

  5. Free of adulteration and heavy metal contamination.

  6. Free of additives, thickeners, gums, sweeteners, and questionable flavorings.

Your body deserves nothing but the best!

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