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You Asked For It... Here it is: The Shopping Guide!

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

We are so very excited to announce that our comprehensive grocery shopping guide is finally here!!!

It has been in the making for over a year now and is a project that we are incredibly passionate about. Every week we get asked for a good brand to buy when grocery shopping; everything from canned tomatoes to pretzels.

We get it - it can be overwhelming to shop with all of the different marketing gimmicks and companies making all kinds of claims. I mean, who has hours and hours each week to research all of the different companies and figure out which ones are sustainable or truly fair-trade?

This shopping guide is our way of taking the work and worrying out of your shopping experience each week.

The guide is “living” and will grow over time as we find more incredible companies working to make the world a better place. Sadly, sometimes companies will be taken out if they decide to sell out, get sold to a parent company that doesn’t follow our standards, or just plain old stop doing the right thing. We cannot have loyalty to companies, we must only be loyal to our standards.

Being a “living” document, you will be able to check back often and see new categories or companies added.

It will never be truly “complete,” and we love that!

We also want your input. If you know of a category or an incredible company or farm that you want to see added, email us at, and we will check them out and hopefully be able to add them to the guide. Likewise, if you notice a company in the guide that you know is not doing the right thing, please tell us and send us the information. We will happily remove them.

The only way this project truly works is if we all work together!

With the way our society and political structure are set up, the fastest and easiest way to ensure changes are made to improve the lives of the people and the health of the planet is to vote with our wallet.

If companies see that products that meet high ethical standards are what people buy, they will switch to selling those. We all will need to be vigilant and make sure they are truly doing the right thing and not just good advertising. We can no longer allow ourselves to be swayed by million-dollar marketing campaigns or slick spokespeople. For example, no matter what a company says about non-GMO or organic if they are owned by Nestle, it is all just greenwashing. A company cannot claim to care about people, while their profits go to a company that uses child slave labor.

We promise to do our best to make sure that we keep pushing for companies to do better and that we will never sell out. You will never see ads in the shopping guide, and we do not take money from any of the companies or have a financial stake in them, and we never will. If we did, it would be a huge conflict of interest.

While you more than likely will be able to find these brands in your local health food or grocery market, we added links to where you can find each product (or sometimes to see what the packaging looks like so you can find it easier!).

So please join us in helping to shape a healthier future for our planet, the people, and our children. It is never too late to start making a difference.

We can, and we must take back our food supply - let us do the hard work for you!


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