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Algomed Chlorella

Algomed Chlorella (glass tube grown) - 334 ct


ALGOMED ® Chlorella is the brand name for our microalgae grown in Klötze / Germany since 2000.


Alogmed Chlorella grows in a patented 500 km long glass tube system. This method of cultivation protects the Chlorella from contamination and is optimally supplied with sunlight.


They derive their main raw material "water" from an artesian source - water from over 45 m depth! The growing season here in central Germany takes, depending on the weather conditions, from about March to November.


The algae are gently dried and processed without additives. Our in-house and external laboratories regularly examine the products. Through their many years of experience, the specially developed cultivation method, and the permanent controls, they can ensure exceptionally good product quality.


Algomed Chlorella is grown and packaged in Germany under strict GMP and ISO 9001 Certification.


The question frequently arises of whether the Chlorella cell walls have to be broken up in some way (in a ball mill, with ultrasound, etc.) in order to improve their digestibility or other properties. The cell walls of their Chlorella are not broken up. They don’t have to be. Various investigations into this have shown that the digestibility of Chlorella is not significantly increased by breaking up its cell walls.


Factors such as the drying process or the species (strain) of Chlorella used have a greater impact. This is summarized as follows in a publication by T. Kanno (2005), stating that “The original characteristics and the physiological effects of Chlorella are not changed by breaking up the cell wall” and “It is more to be feared that the process of breaking up the cell wall may degrade proteins, destroy vitamins, and fatty acids, thereby resulting in oxidation effects.”


The topic of the bioavailability of vitamin B12 from algae is a point of controversy. And in fact, there are indeed major differences between algae with regard to the presence of various cobalamins and their bioavailability. Using the LC-MS/MS method lets us detect only the bioavailable forms in our product. Our Chlorella contains 100 μg of total vitamin B12 per 100 g of product, i.e. the recommended daily dose of 3 g of Chlorella represents 120 % of the daily requirement.


Each tablet is 300 mg. A ten-tablet serving supplies 3000 mg or 3 grams of chlorella.

Each bottle contains 100 grams of chlorella.

Each bottle contains 33.4, ten tablet servings.


Ingredients: Chlorella


Suggested use; Take ten tablets daily, without or without food or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.. Dosage can be taken all at once or split up. 


It is recommended to start slowly and gradually increase to the full dosage. Taking too much at the start can lead to loose stools in some individuals.


The label is in German.


Ethically sourced and produced.
Proudly Palm Free
100% Traceable

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