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Buffalo Gal Carnivore Soap with tallow

Buffalo Gal Carnivore Soap with tallow - 5 oz


Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty Carnivore Soap is made from only pure animal fats and a smidgen of honey for a gentle lather. Tallow soap made from the fats of properly raised animals is not only traditional but truly luxurious.  Our ancestors relied on them for everyday use!


Note: Some batches may feel a little slippery.  This slip is from the beneficial retained glycerins that will hydrate your skin. 


Our tallow is from our own grassfed ruminants and/or sourced from our local grassfed beef producers.  When we say "grassfed" we mean 100%  grass fed and finished.  We render all suet in house. 


Our leaf lard is also rendered in house, sourced from a local pork producer whose pigs are raised outdoors with access to sunshine and fresh water.  This is important for vitamin D absorption as well as the well-being of these animals.


We also cook our ghee in house, sourced from pastured, grassfed cows.  When not available, we purchase ghee from Carrington Farms.  Honey is sourced from local Georgia beekeepers.  



Saponified pastured lard, grass-fed tallow, grass-fed ghee, pure emu oil, raw honey. 

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