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Buffalo Gal's Day Balm is back with a simpler, lighter-feeling formula!  Shelter your skin from harmful UV rays with non-nano zinc oxide while nourishing it with our grass-fed tallow and ratite (emu and ostrich) butter.


For a handy, general-purpose tallow balm for sun sheltering, try our new 2 oz BEACH BALM!


Natural Ingredients for Skincare and Their Benefits

Grassfed Buffalo Tallow — Rendered in-house, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. 

Emu Butter — This rich oil is high in Vitamins E and K and deeply absorbed in the skin. It’s also a powerful analgesic and redness reducer.  Emu oil has a balanced fatty acid profile, lending it to many anti-aging properties.  It is also hypoallergenic! 

Ostrich Butter - Ostrich oil also has a balanced fatty acid profile with many of the same attributes as emu oil, with the addition of Vitamin C.  It is known for supporting faster cellular turnover and relieving irritation.  It is slightly richer than an emu, and the two together make a wonderful texture that absorbs rapidly.

Non-nano Zinc Oxide — Not only is Zinc Oxide incredibly nourishing and protective, it is the most effective form of topical sun protection! Zinc Oxide acts as a physical sunblock, meaning it is not absorbed into the skin but provides a protective barrier on top. Plus, it’s safe for ocean reefs!  

Direct Trade Coffee — One of our favorite skin-healing secrets. Caffeine tightens fine lines, evens tone, reduces puffiness, dehydrates fatty cells, minimizes the appearance of cellulite and creates a smoothing effect, aids circulation while restricting blood vessels, thus reducing redness, acts as a powerful antioxidant and moisturizer, calms irritated skin caused by sun damage. Coffee is really a powerhouse for your skin, and we source it from direct-trade sources that protect workers and the environment.


*Note: We cannot make any claims regarding the SPF rating on this product.  Zinc Oxide provides fabulous UV protection by reflecting and refracting the sun’s rays.  We’re confident you will receive some sun protection from this product, approximately the equivalent of 15-20 SPF.


Ingredients: Grassfed water buffalo tallow, emu butter, ostrich butter, non-nano zinc oxide, and direct trade coffee.

Buffalo Gal Day Balm with UV Protection - 3.3 oz

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