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Mizuba Tea Kokoro Ceremonial Matcha

Mizuba Tea Kokoro Ceremonial Matcha - 40 grams


Kokoro: the heart, the soul, the essential. 


Mizuba Tea Kokoro is the pearl of Matcha teas. It is handpicked from the first flush (the newest growth of tea leaves) and crafted from the oldest tea plants. The result is an exceptionally clean and balanced tea with a complex depth of flavor comprised of three cultivars: Samidori, Asahi, and Gokou.


 For a truly authentic experience, enjoy this tea in a handcrafted chawan.


Flavor Profile: Whisk up Kokoro's froth, and you'll taste ample, smooth umami. Aromatics: milk chocolate. From start to finish of your sip, you'll experience layers of complex flavor, including a silky, balanced sweetness reminiscent of red wine. As one tea blogger puts it, " I don’t even have words in English  or  Japanese to describe it."


Suitable for koicha preparation.

Size: 40g Tin (20-30 servings)


Ingredients: Certified Organic First-Flush Artisanal Matcha tea


This matcha is exceptionally fresh. It is sourced, shade-grown, and stone-milled to order from the company's friend's organic farms in Uji, Japan. This matcha is grown solely with natural, organic fertilizers, and no synthetic chemicals or pesticides are used.

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