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Mizuba Tea Yorokobi Ceremonial Organic Matcha

Mizuba Tea Yorokobi Ceremonial Organic Matcha - 40 grams


Yorokobi, translating to "joy" in Japanese, certainly lives up to its namesake! This exquisite matcha was first introduced in the summer of 2017.


Mizuba Tea Yorokobi Ceremonial Organic Matcha is one of the smoothest, most umami-filled organic matcha green teas we've encountered. While most organic matcha is very tannic and earthy, the care and attention to growing this beautiful Yorokobi result in a velvety, vegetal sweetness that is a joy to drink. We love how deep and mellow this matcha is! 


This artisanal Yorokobi is made of first flush Spring, single-estate (exceptionally rare!) tencha leaves that are shade-grown for 20 days prior to harvest on volcanic mountain slopes in soil known as Shirasu. Yorokobi is made of two cultivars, Okumidori & Kanayamidori.


Flavor Profile: A light, sweet floral silkiness evokes thoughts of Spring. Clean and full-bodied, the vegetal depth of the tea categorizes it as pure umami. 


Size: 40g Tin (20-30 servings)


Ingredients: Certified Organic First-Flush Artisanal Matcha tea


This matcha is exceptionally fresh. It is sourced, shade-grown, and stone-milled to order from the company's friend's organic farms in Uji, Japan. This matcha is grown solely with natural, organic fertilizers, and no synthetic chemicals or pesticides are used.

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