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NXGEN Wholefoods Organic Broccoli Sprouts are a potent source of glucoraphanin.


NXGEN produces broccoli sprouts from organic, non-GMO seeds that are grown in carefully controlled conditions in Australia without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides.


They harvest the sprouts when they are six days old, which is when they have the highest levels of isothiocyanates, glucoraphanin, myrosinase, and other beneficial compounds. 


Right after harvest, the sprouts are quickly taken to their manufacturing facility, where they are freeze-dried using a special proprietary system, milled, and encapsulated. That's it; nothing is added or taken away except the water content. The cell structure is left intact, which helps to protect fragile nutrients and compounds. A better drying and cold milling process yields a product with higher sulforaphane-producing potential.


The body turns glucoraphanin into the potent compound sulforaphane. In order to do this, the enzyme myrosinase must be present. Unfortunately, most sulforaphane supplements do not contain this important enzyme. This means that most people are not getting the benefits they should from their sulforaphane supplement.


While many companies use broccoli or broccoli seeds to make their sulforaphane supplements because it is a cheaper way of doing it, NXGEN uses sprouts because they are higher in beneficial compounds and more bioavailable. For example, the sprouts contain fifty times more isothiocyanates than broccoli.


Myrosinase is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in the defense response of plants. Sulforaphane is activated when glucoraphanin comes into contact with myrosinase.




Why take broccoli sprouts capsules when you can buy fresh?


Organically grown fresh broccoli sprouts are very difficult to source. In addition, the sprouts are most potent at six days and it can be very hard to determine what age sprouts at the store are. 


Each four-capsule serving contains the equivalent of twenty grams of fresh broccoli sprouts.

Nxgen Organic Australian Broccoli Sprouts - 100 ct

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