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Seleno Health Cacao Combo

Seleno Health Cacao Combo

$149.90 Regular Price
$134.91Sale Price

Can't decide which cacao to choose? Why not get both? This special bundle contains one 500g block of Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste and one 1Kg block of Amaru (Snake) Ceremonial Cacao Paste, each with its own unique flavor and energy.


Uturunku (Jaguar) Ceremonial Cacao Paste is renowned for its rich and indulgent flavor profile, featuring earthy, nutty, and fruity undertones. When you prepare your cup of ceremonial cacao, you'll experience only pure joy and happiness with each sip without an "unpleasant" aftertaste.


Amaru (Snake) Ceremonial Cacao Paste is an externalizing cacao that brings uplifting, heart-opening bliss and energizing clarity. It has sweet, fruity, and acidic flavors that are perfect for movement, breathwork, dance, physical expression, and exercise.


Together, these two cacao pastes give you the best of both worlds: a deep connection to the spirit realm and an energising presence in the physical world. Enjoy!

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