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Avena Botanicals Yarrow

Avena Botanicals Yarrow - 1 oz


Avena Botanicals Yarrow helps to relax occasional menstrual cramps, supports the immune system, circulation, and digestion, and eases stagnation in the musculoskeletal and regenerative/reproductive systems.*


People have used Yarrow for support and comfort for a very long time, both in Europe and North America. This humble herb has beautiful small flowers that range from white to soft pink with feathery leaves. Its aromatics are bright, sweet, deep, and almost pine-like. These essential oils promote healthy immune and digestive systems. Because Yarrow has a special affinity for blood and circulation, it can be used to support balanced menses and help warm the extremities of the body. Yarrow supports the tissues of the body and promotes the oral health of the gums and throat and along the gastrointestinal tract.


On an energetic level, Yarrow encourages healthy boundaries between people and offers valuable protection for times of travel, work meetings, inner work, or simply navigating daily life.


Garden Notes: We hand-harvest the delicate, white Yarrow flowers from our Biodynamic garden in early summer and tincture them fresh in organic alcohol.


Taste / Energetics: aromatic, bitter, cooling, drying, medicinal, piney, protective, diffusive, activating.


Actions: circulation supportive, immune tonic, diaphoretic, astringent, aromatic bitter, carminative, cardiovascular tonic, styptic.


When to reach for it: When seeking support with healthy menstrual flow and ease. To support tissues of the mouth and throat. When seeking a little after-dinner digestive support. When the tips of fingers and toes feel chilled. During travel or challenging circumstances. Throughout the winter and colder months. When feeling stuck in some way.


Botanical Name: Achillea millefolium

Part Used: Fresh flowers

Ingredients: Yarrow BD, OG, Pure Grain Alcohol OG, Springwater
Legend: BD: Certified Biodynamic, OG: Certified Organic


Ethically sourced and produced.

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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