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Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty Suntan Oil

Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty Suntan Oil - 5 oz


Getting a tan is cool again.


And we make this easy to do, whether you are starting out from very pale or are well into your tan.


The practice of healthy tanning helps reset our circadian rhythm, activates vitamin D production, contributes toward balanced hormones, and vastly improves our mental state.  


This 0 SPF oil is reminiscent of beach favorites like Hawaiian Tropic or Panama Jack . . . . only without the jack. 


By that, we mean no mineral oil, no industrial seed oils, no toxic SPF chemicals, and no synthetic fragrance. 


Feel good soaking up the glorious sunbeams with our unique and ultra-luxurious blend of exotic animal oils: emu, lanolin, and mink. These rich biocompatible oils synergistically nourish and fortify your skin while allowing it to maintain healthy sebum levels.  


They went the extra mile to scent this product with something special that will remind you of a tropical paradise.  Some of the materials are not essential oils, so they must be labeled as "fragrance". They worked closely with their purveyor to ensure every component was 100% natural and non-toxic.  As a result, this kind of material is very expensive, and we believe it is worth it! 


So get out there and shine and get a little sun on your buns!


Note: When it comes to sun exposure, you know what to do -- shelter when needed.  When you've had enough (skin turns pink), take care to cover your skin or seek shade.  This might be only a few minutes for some, longer for others.  


In times you must be outdoors longer and can't help overexposure to UV rays, use a  tallow + zinc oxide formulation:  Beach Balm or our Day Balm with UV Protection.  Both products are animal based for maximum effectiveness.


Ingredients: Emu oil, lanolin oil, mink oil; fragranced with 100% natural coconut, vanilla, and jasmine.

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