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Cacao beans, powder, nibs


ceremonial cacao setup


Ceremonial cacao represents the full expression of this incredible plant.

Cacao ceremonies are a way to bring us closer to nature and to resonate gratitude and thanks for everything mother earth (Pachamama) provides.

Ceremonial cacao unlocks the true healing potential that cacao has to offer.

milling cacao


 It is pure full cacao-bean paste -


The cacao paste block (or drops) must be prepared from only 100% pure organic cacao beans that have been naturally sun-dried, hand-peeled and milled to form the paste.


Nothing added, nothing removed. It is cacao is it’s purest form beautifully blended in its own full-fat to produce a creamy 100% pure block. 

inside of a cacao pod


 It is made from premium hand-selected single-origin Criollo cacao beans.


- Criollo cacao is the most rare and premium cacao famous for its incredibly aromatic flavor and aroma as well as containing the highest levels of therapeutic components.


It is however very delicate, low yielding and requires careful attention and support from the jungle canopy to thrive.


This variety is not used for mass production as it cannot be produced on a large scale.


For authentic ceremonial cacao the pods are individually hand-picked with permission from the tree, inspected for imperfections and beans are graded to select only the finest. 

On the other hand,  most commercially produced cacao is made from different varieties of cacao that are more resistant, higher yielding but not as aromatic and therapeutic, with lower levels of bio-active compounds.

cacao pod


Most cacao is now produced from mono-cropped trees at the expense of the jungle by farmers who burn out areas to mass cultivate for bigger yields.


Often using immature or damaged pods, weak or wounded cacao, and pooling all beans from different sources together into a blend.


To hide imperfections in flavor these beans are often roasted to create a more chocolate flavor. 

cacao pod


Our Ceremonial cacao 100% organic shade-grown under a natural agroforestry canopy. Cacao pods are porous and they absorb the aromas and energies of the plants that surround them.


Neighboring trees containing fruits like banana or papaya have the ability to infuse the flavor of the cacao and enhance the profile and sensory experience when using it in ceremony.


True ceremonial cacao comes from this agroforestry environment and the cacao produced not only contains the flavors of the jungle that surround it but also the energy and vibration of the environment, further enhancing the spiritual connection of the user to the Amazonian spirit. 

ceremonial cacao drink


It is blessed by the indigenous owners of the land and produced with respect to their traditional customs.


 All cacao comes from indigenous communities where the people have used it ceremonially for thousands of years as a sacred plant medicine.


It is essential that the ancestral owners of the cacao are involved in the production process including blessing the soil, trees, pods and paste throughout the process and that reverence is upheld towards the culturally sensitive aspects of the people from the farming community.


We are honored to be given access to their sacred plant medicines and require their blessings in order for us to use it energetically clean.


The cacao ceremony starts when the seeds are planted. Happy trees, happy farmers and a happy community provides clean pure happy, high vibrational cacao.


Ensuring we are culturally sensitive with the way the cacao is produced and exported is essential and one big differences between ceremonial grade cacao and simple cacao paste.


The intentions of the producer will determine the energetics of the final product. 

ceremonial cacao


 It is packed with health enhancing bio actives to awaken your heart chakra and heal your body.


Biochemical analysis of our ceremonial cacao paste showed significantly higher levels of several key therapeutic components compared to normal cacao paste or other cacao based products and powders.


The reality is that ceremonial grade cacao is far more powerful due to all the reasons listed on this page.


The result is more bliss, more energy, more happiness, more joy, more satisfaction, more awakening and more uplifting occurs when you take ceremonial cacao vs other cacao products.

It is pure and transformative, very different from just cacao powder or supermarket chocolate.

ceremonial cacao paste


This high-vibrational Ceremonial Criollo Cacao has been produced with love and pure intention in honor of the Awajun tribe in Peru who have used cacao in ceremony for over 5000 years.


Their ceremonial cacao temple at Monte Grande (Peru) was constructed in the shape of a spiral to represent union of the human spirit with the universe, connection to our ancestors of the past and projection forwards to our future descendants.


It is thought to symbolize also the Ukhu Pacha (underworld) in Andean and Amazonian cosmovision represented by the snake (spiral shape).


For them cacao allows connection to the divinity and a way to resonate gratitude and thanks for everything mother earth (Pachamama) provides. Each block comes blessed direct from the farm and directly supports the farmers and community who produce it in Tocache, Peru.

ceremonial cacao therapuetics


This cacao has been biochemically analysed and shown to be potent in levels of theobromine, NAEAS, polyphenols and tryptophan - providing sensations of uplifting bliss, mental clarity and joy.


It has an incredible ratio of 29:1 - theobromine:caffeine - perfect for the uplifting, heart opening effects without the negative caffeine over-stimulation.


It also contains moderate levels of tryptamine and phenylethylamine (PEA) for feelings of satisfaction and awakening.


It has a strong profile of sweet and fruity flavours absorbed from the Amazonian agroforestry in which it grows. 

  • Take 20-30g daily as a general tonic for mental health, immunity, energy and balance.

 We recommend this cacao for use in ceremonies involving movement or breathwork and for daily use to assist with mental health, energy, immunity and balance.


Choose from either traditional ceremonial paste blocks or easy to use ceremonial paste droplets.

Uturunku ceremonial cacao


In Chavin cosmovision, the Uturunku (Quecha meaning Jaguar) represents a protector, a guardian, and a being that creates harmony and balance in the Amazon.


The Uturunku is also the protector of the cacao tree and is often depicted sitting on the cacao branches in ancient drawings.


The Uturunku is a magical animal, a guide to the cosmic world, a symbol of wisdom for our actions that can connect the sun and the moon, day and night.


The Uturunku represents the ‘Kay Pacha’, (the world of the living) and reminds us that we are not separate from the natural world, we are all interconnected in unity.


It can also access the Hanan Pacha (world above – spiritual world) and Uku Pacha (inner world – ancestral world) through the master plant cacao.


We honor the Chavin culture and the Uturunku with this special ceremonial cacao paste, specifically created to bring you into the Kay Pacha - here and now and to give you access to both the Hannan Pacha and Ukhu Pacha.


It is carefully hand selected from a unique indigenous form of cacao grown specially for us in an artisinal agro-forestry farm deep in the Amazon jungle of Tarapoto, Peru.


Each high vibrational block comes blessed direct from the farm and directly supports the farmers and community who produce it. 

Ceremonial cacao benefits


The research of this unique and incredibly rare cacao is supported by Callaghan Innovation - New Zealand's premium government research agency.


It has some very special therapeutic properties given its potent levels of bioactive components.


Scientific studies have shown it to be ultra high  in levels of biogenic amines like tryptamine, phenylethylamine (PEA) and the 5HTP precursor tryptophan - providing intense sensations of embodiment, satisfaction, spiritual awakening, reward,  joy and happiness. The powerful effects of these molecules are also associated with 5HT-2a activation.


It has lower levels of stimulating alkaloids like caffeine and theobromine so it won't keep you awake at night or give you the jitters, it is a calming and harmonizing internal cacao. 


It has a strong profile of earthy, sweet and nutty flavors absorbed from the Amazonian agroforestry in which it grows. You can literally taste the flavor of the jungle in this block!

We recommend this cacao for use in ceremonies involving embodiment, trauma release, meditation, connection, awakening and for daily use to assist with feeling present, improving mental health, providing mental connection and mind-body-spirit balance.

ceremonial cacao milinillo


The molinillo is a traditional ceremonial cacao whisk. It helps to make your ceremonial cacao wonderfully frothy.

Made with sustainable Alder tree wood and naturally darkened and decorated by the frictional rubbing of pine wood.


This artisanal wooden molinillo stirrer is made with love and care by our Mexican family friends following five generations of practice and knowledge.

Heat resistant, dishwasher safe, non-toxic, 100% natural. Not painted.

How to perform a Cacao Ceremony using Ceremonial Cacao Paste

Cacao ceremonies are a sacred Peruvian spiritual practice, often done under the guidance of a shaman.

Generally (there are many types) a group of people will sit in a sacred circle while prayers or meditations are done and intentions are set.  Often this is done with complete strangers and offers a safe place for people to talk about their fears, hopes, sufferings, or things they want to let go of. Then they will often talk about the good things they want to happen and come into their lives. There is no judgment or condemnation in the Cacao Ceremony, only support, and love. 

The ceremonial cacao helps to enhance the effects of the ceremony and provides a calming and uplifting feeling while bringing a deeper connection to the people in the circle and the land.

Many of these ceremonies often end in dance, to uplift the body and open the heart.

A complete guide to Ceremonial Cacao

Click the button below to download the complete guide to ceremonial cacao.

Ceremonial Cacao Drink

ceremonial cacao beverage


2 ounces ceremonial cacao paste per person

7 ounces of water per person

Unrefined sugar such as maple, syrup, coconut sugar or Rapadura


Chop the cacao paste into small pieces so it will melt in the water.

In a saucepan heat water till just before boiling.

Add in the chopped cacao paste.

Add sweetener to taste.

Use a molinillo or whisk to stir until the cacao is blended and it has a nice froth on top.

Pour into cups.

It is good to have a spoon or stirring stick while drinking to keep consistency because the cacao will settle over time.

ceremonial cacao ceremony
ceremonial cacao therapeutic profile

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