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Farm to table is one of the best movements. Knowing who grows your food and where it is grown is an amazing thing. 

You should know who grows your cacao in the same way you know who grows your carrots at the farmers market.

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Our cacao is grown near the beautiful small town of Tocache,  Peru.

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Rolando is a native Peruvian from the Amazonian jungle who is proudly dedicated to the production of organic and fair-traded cacao. He is pioneering the resurgence of traditional cacao growing and production in the area of Peru previously heavily affected by drug cartels and the illegal cocaine industry. Rolando has applied his skills and expertise to promoting the image, production, transformation, and quality of Peruvian cacao to put Peru on the world map with artisanal cacao and chocolate production. His push for social sustainability and environmental harmony with cacao farming is bringing big change to an industry that has previously struggled with exploitation of farmers, communities and the Amazon jungle. 


Rolando's cacao represents the courage and perseverance of many farmers who decided to sow the best, finest cacao in the world in the face of adversity. They have found in this boldness the hope of transforming their lives through love, working in conditions of equality, justice and a passion for biodiversity and the environment.


"This love is the main ingredient in their cacao."


We 100% support the mission of Rolando and his people to Rescue Cacao in Peru and return the love, respect, environmental protection and culture that has been lost through global commercialisation and corruption in the industry. 

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